Welcome to the website of the Belgium Tibetan terrier Club

Our initial breed club, was called Belgian Tibetan Apso Club and founded on 9 February 1992. The initiative came from Lydia Monseur who also became our first chairman.

Mainly due to the efforts and enthusiasm of Mrs Monseur and the first members of the committee the club became a well-known and respected club for all those active in the Belgian canine world.

In 1994 the name of the club was changed to its present name: Belgian Tibetan Terrier Club npa.
Our breed club BTTC is registered under the number 981 with the K.K.U.S.H.


The purpose of our club was and stills is improving breeding Tibetan Terriers in Belgium and abroad using all the necessary means to that end. We also want to provide our members and those interested with information; in addition to  this website the club has also a facebook page.

Browse through the website and discover our club activities and the many sides of this unique breed!

Have a lot of Tibetan fun,