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Puppy information

You are surching for a puppy ?

Once you start your search for a puppy,
you will be overloaded with all of kind
information from magazines,
internet and breeders which will make
it hard to select the correct information.
It is important to temain critical in order to seperate the good information from the bad
and take the appropriate decision .

If you have any questions regarding puppies, you can also contact the puppy information service:
Dekkers-Janssens Irene Tel : 0032 (0) 14 / 50 63 42  

Perhaps somebody has provided you with the link of our website, or perhaps you came here by coincidence. Nevertheless, this information is useful for everybody. So do not leave without having this read first.

Never buy a puppy in a store, they do not belong in stores.

You should not buy a puppy at a breeder which is offering multiple breeds. It is hard enough to breed just one! Of course puppies look adorable, but they soon become big and be part of your family for 12 to 15 years. Therefore, you should do your utmost to buy a dog which is well socialised and bred out of pedigrees with the least possible genetic health diseases.

What are the characteristics of a good breeder?

  • somebody who’s passionate about his/her breed and who is not breeding multiple breeds
  • somebody who carefully selects a stud dog that suits best with his/her female when it comes down to health, character, personality and looks
  • somebody who treats the puppies as he/she was to keep them all for the rest of their lives
  • somebody who provides you with all the information possible, but on the other hand ask you a lot of critical questions about yourself and how you will raise the dog
  • somebody that is concerned that the puppies will go to good families
  • somebody you can approach for additional questions and information after you have purchased the puppy

What to look for in your search for a good breeder. Based on these points you can ask all possible questions to a breeder in order to obtain all the information you require to find out if he/she is a good breeder:

  • breeder allows you to visit and meet each other
  • breeder allows you to come and visit the puppies at least 2 times
  • when you visit the breeder, you should always be able to see the mother of the puppies
  • the mother of the puppies should always be able to be with her puppies
  • puppies should remain at the breeder for at least 7 to 8 weeks
  • puppies should be raised within immediate contact with the family and the daily noise of the family, not isolated (this means not in the garage, nor in the garden or any other isolated area!) – your dog will be living with your family and therefore should be socialised with this
  • all puppies should be raised together and not raised separately
  • the breeder should be able to show you the official documents of the parental dogs (pedigree, HD-research, eye-examinations)
  • all puppies should be examined by a vet and should receive their first shots while being at the breeder. Every new owner needs to receive a European passport with the identification of the puppy and indication of their first shots
  • breeder should be prepared to create a contract in which he/she guarantees that the puppies will receive an official identification (tattoo or micro-chip) and that the owners will receive an official pedigree issued by the KMSH (Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint-Hubert)
  • a good breeder will take good care of his own dogs and will provide enough recuperation time for the female between 2 litters (with a litter of more than 8 puppies, the breeder should wait for at least 18 months before a new litter)
  • a good breeder will provide you with written information on how to raise a puppy
  • a good breeder will follow-up how the puppy evolves within the new family


Try to meet multiple breeders before you take a decision. Try to meet owners and ask for their experiences with their breeder.

Do not be shy to ask questions – most of the good breeders love talking about their breed! There are no stupid questions, only the ones you do not ask!


Think twice if a breeder is in a hurry and trying to avoid your questions.
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