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On a regular base, walks are organised by our club in different beautiful areas of Belgium to ensure an enjoyable day for both the dogs and their owners. These walks bring together a lot of Tibetan Terriers fans for spending a lovely day in which they can share their experiences with each other

Each year the Belgium Tibetan Terrier Club organises a Specialty show. Everyone owning a Tibetan Terrier can participate to this Specialty. It is an opportunity to show your Tibetan Terrier(s) to an official judge. The judge will closely judge the dog, according to the breed standard, which enables him/her to provide the owner with a detailed evaluation report . The entire day occurs in a friendly atmosphere and the club ensures everybody to receive a present as a reminder to this day.

Interested in coming to take a look or participating, but you do not have any experience in showing dogs? No problem! Before the judging takes off, we organise a demonstration in which everything that is to be expected during the show gets explained.

Furthermore, the Club also organises information days which includes grooming a Tibetan Terrier, raising a Tibetan Terrier, Breeding, hereditary diseases, …

Each year we organise a general assembly/meeting for the members with the purpose of: ensuring a good cooperation between the committee and its members, discussing possible issues and raising new ideas/projects. During this meeting, the activity program is also presented for the upcoming year.
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