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Nomadic tribes used to use The Tibetan Terrier (or Dhoki Apso) as herding dogs in the mountains, where it was to hard(er) for big/tall dogs to work. In the matter of fact, “Terrier” does not really suite this breed, as they were never used for any work within the earth which is typical for terriers. Therefore, the breed should better belong within the group of herding dogs, because this closely relates to their task from the past.

An ancient Tibetan belief is that Tibetan Terriers bring fortune within the family. To not challenge this fortune, Tibetan Terriers were not sold nor crossed with other breeds. It was impossible to purchase a Tibetan Terrier. The only way to obtain a Tibetan Terrier was by means of a gift as a matter of high appreciation.

For example: an English doctor Dr. Greig cured a Tibetan woman who gave a Tibetan Terrier puppy in return as a gift. Dr. Greig started breeding the Tibetan Terrier in the 20’ies in India. When she returned to England in the 30’ies she continued breeding the Tibetan Terriers.

The kennel name she used was: ‘LAMLEH’

Lamleh Tibetan Terriers are the base of all our current blood lines.


Dr. Greig and her daughter with some of her Tibetan Terriers .
Dr. Greig was still showing her dogs at the age of 80
source:Amas kennel
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