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It is not so difficult to look after a Tibetan Terrier, you have to brush him regularly (at least once a week) and then comb him (to take out all knots).

It is important that your pup gets used to it from an early age, moreover brushing the pup leads to a good contact with the boss and it is a form of submission to the boss. The sooner the pup is used to brush and comb the easier it will be to maintain the fur when he is an adult.

In order to obtain a good result, you need to brush the hair upwards with one hand and start combing from below giving each layer of hair its turn. If you have brushed from bottom to top finish it off by combing with a comb which is not too fine.

It is not necessary to often wash the Tibetan Terrier, a few times a year suffice, but if you want to participate in exhibition than of course you will have to do it more often. It is important to wash the dog when still young in order to acquaint him with the hair dryer. Be careful that the dog cannot slip in the bath, use a anti-slip mat to avoid this. Talk to the dog and make sure he does not panic. Once used to all this it will be fairly easy to wash and dry him, some of them enjoy their bath so much they sit down and close their eyes..
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