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The gene pool of our tibetan terriers can use some expansion.
Experience teaches us that there are often very beautiful males living as home pets. Some of them has already been a few times to an exhibition and achieve the necessary show results , but nothing further happened.
These dogs were not asked for mating because they are insufficiently known.
We offer on this club site the possibility for these dogs to get out of the anonymity by the item "Stud dogs".
Only BTTC club members who of more than 1 year a members can put their stud dog on the list.
To guarantee the quality of these males they must bin conform to the BTTC breeding regulations.
You can find the breeding regulations on this website under Breeders Information, they can also be requested from the secretariat.
After respecting the breeding regulation, signing the breeders agreement, and a annual fee of 25 € , you can do a request by download the form from this site for putting the male on this list.

Just fill in the studdog form and sending it with some nice pictures to the address listed on the Stud form.

If you have any questions on this matter do not hesitate to contact someone of the board members.

Stud dog list


Date of birth



Pinrow Yoghiman 09-07-2004 HD / B2 Father: Pinrow Classic Gold
Mother: Pinrow Lady Tanya
More info
and pictures
Cun-Wa-Namba Harco 04-02-2008 HD / A2 Fatherr: Ömsikka's Sir Spencer of Frou
Mother: Cun-Wa-Namba Dayla
More info
and pictures
Lha-Yeshe from Heaven's Earth 26/02/2012 HD/B Father: Drong Lamleh of Wamil Ajendra More info and pictures
Mother:Jomotara from Heaven's Earth
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