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This ancient breed was isolated from the world for centuries. Tibetans bred the Tibetan Terrier as they believed these dogs brought fortune to the family. It was thanks to Dr. Agnes Greig that the first Tibetan Terriers came to England in the 30’ies.

In contrary to its name, the Tibetan Terrier is actually a mediocre size herding dog. Thanks to its double coat (a long, humanlike upper-coat and a woolly under-coat), the Tibetan Terrier can resist extreme temperature shifts.

In order to survive the rough and harsh climate within nearly impenetrable Tibet, the Tibetan Terrier has also some other characteristics. Their big, flat and round paws prevent them to sink away within the snow. This can be compared with the racket shoes people wear in Alaska to prevent them from sinking in the snow.

Being square build and being extremely agile ensure the Tibetan Terrier to move swiftly within the rough Tibetan environment. Their strong lungs enable them to survive on extreme heights and provide them with an exceptional endurance.

The Tibetan people often refer to the breed as ‘little people’ because they are remarkably intelligent and it appears that they sometimes think and act independently. Despite their strong personality, Tibetan Terriers are real family dogs and would to anything to protect their family. When taking a walk with the family, Tibetan Terriers will always try to keep the family together which results from their herding instinct.

The Tibetan Terrier is a playful and happy dog even at old age. At home they are calm and relaxed, but they will nevertheless always remain alert and guard their territory.

Thanks to its polyvalence, a Tibetan Terrier can participate to multiple disciplines existing within the Canine community. A Tibetan Terrier will obtain outstanding results in obedience if you are consistent and keep it fun experience. Because they are very agile, they just love agility and will perform well when it comes to doggy dancing.

All these characteristics result in the fact that the Tibetan Terrier conquers a special place within our harts.

Multiple colours are possible within the breed (sable, cream, white, black, grey, tri-coloured, two-coloured like black and white, sable with white,…) along with different markings within the coat, which makes every Tibetan Terrier unique. There also exist chocolate-brown Tibetan Terriers, but this colour is not accepted by the breed standard. Those are the ones that are born with the wrong coloured coat.

Here you can download an article about a chocolate- or liver coloured Tibetan Terrier,
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