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Breeders regulations

Breeding regulations B.T.T.C.
(Updated 2013)

  • In order to make use of the puppy mediation must be at least 1 year member of the Belgian Tibetan Terrier Club.
  •  If one member of the BTTC wants to breed must be undertaken with both parents to the following requirements:
    • The bitch must walk several exhibitions where she had at least 3 times the qualification "Very Good" or 1 time 'Excellent’ and 1 Very Good' achieved at a CAC or CACIB exhibition or a foreign Tibetan Terrier(breed)club specialty or at the BTTC Club specialty, 1 score earned after 15 months. She must be a minimum 18 months and maximum of 8 years old at the mating.
    • The dog must walk several exhibitions where he had at least 3 times the qualification "Very Good" or 1 time 'Excellent’ and 1 Very Good' achieved at a CAC or CACIB exhibition or a foreign Tibetan Terrier(breed)club specialty or at the BTTC Club specialty, 1 score earned after 15 months. He must be at least 15 months old at the mating. For males, there is no age limit beyond the minimum.
    • Since January 2009, the Belgian kennel club KMSH has a new regulation for Belgian owners, (for all parents) Both parents born from 01/01/2008, must have breeding permission certificate achieve at a Belgian CAC / CAC-CACIB-show or open show under a Belgian judge or foreign judge, or at a Belgian Breed specialty  with CAC under a Belgian or foreign judge (breed specialist), this should be at least the qualification "Good" achieved. We also need a DNA parental identification request to the Belgian kennel club KMSH
    • Both parents must be have an official hip dysplasia (HD) research.. HD-C pairs with HD-A.
      HD and HD-D-E are rejected for breeding
    • both parents must have an official certificate of eye examination with the result "provisionally exempted. The result may not be older than 1 year at the time of mating
    • Both parents must be genetically tested using swab test on PLL (lens luxation) and CCL (Neuronal ceroid Lipofuscinoses (NCL). the result must be known before the mating. this is required for litters born from 2011
      If both parents of the breeding dog have an official DNA certificate available with the results free /
    • It is not necessary to a DNA test on the disease of which they are free on that breeding dog because he/she is  genetically free/clear.
      The following combinations are allowed:
      - "PLL free X  PLL free"
      - "PLL free X PLL carrier"
      - "NCL free X NCL free"
      - "NCL free X NCL carrier"
      These combinations are not allowed:
      - "PLL carrier X PLL carrier"
      - “NCL carrier X NCL carrier”
      In no case should there be bred with sufferers
      When using a foreign stud which have not yet been tested on CCL and / or PLL can only be tested with a bitch as "free".
  • You must be in possession of all the official documents for the mating
  • The owner of the bitch must send all these necessary papers from each litter to : Christel Nies - Smeendijk 11 – B 2531 Vremde
    • Copy of pedigree
    • Copy Hip dysplasia results
    • Copy eye examination (results not older than 1 year)
    • Copy of the CCL and PLL DNA results
    • Copy of the results achieved exhibition or championship
    • Copy of the mating and birth registration (KMSH)
    • Copy of breeding permission certificate to LOSH-breeding
    • Copy of free / clear statement from both parents of the breeding dog if he/she genetically clear by parentage

Following document must be sent within 4 months after the birth of the puppies:

    • Copy of the completed application pedigree (KMSH). When forwarding to the KMSH, sent a copy to our breed club.
    • Any illness immediately notify to the breed club (report required )
    • After all the necessary papers received and verified by the Board the litter will be notified passed to the head of the puppy mediation.
  • The breeder must report all litters to the breed club.
  • if a breed combination does not comply with the above-mentioned regulations, you must always do a request for dispensation before the mating. to health requirements must always be fulfilled. if it does not meet the health requirements, no dispensation will be given. the dispensation is 1 times valid for one particular dog. A breeder can maximum ask 1 in 3 years asking for a dispensation. the Board makes a report of dispensation in the newsletter. A litter for which dispensation is requested is not eligible for puppy mediation
  • If the owner of the litter no longer wish to use the puppy mediation or if the entire litter is sold, the breeder commits itself to the breed / puppy mediation as soon as possible to inform.
  • Members / breeders need an annual fee of 25 € for the puppy mediation to pay (together with the membership fee) regardless of the number of litters bred that year. For this amount also gets a mention on the breeders list on the website of the club. Condition for these breeders list to get is that the nests must comply with the rules of the breeding rules.
    The opportunity breeders (who only breed a litter once) pay the 25 € in the year that they have their litter
  • If a breeder have several litters simultaneously (= within 9 weeks) are present, and at least one litter is not qualify for the puppy mediation than cannot be make use of the puppy mediation of all the present litters.
  • If there are complaints of provided addresses obtained by the puppy mediation service. the board should be hear on all parties. then the board will decide whether the person is still allowed to use the puppy mediation. The complaint must be submitted in writing letter.
  • If a breeder repeatedly does not meet all of the above rules may result in a suspension. Under Article 13 of the Articles of Association, the breeder can answer at the next General Meeting after a vote which an exclusion from the association may follow.
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